Cervix Diagram

Cervix Diagram to mainly explain you about one of the part from female human genitals which is cervix.

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cervix diagram sample

As we know that human female genitals are consists of several parts. The inner part of female human reproductive system are ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes. The middle part of it is cervix. And the outer part of it is vagina.

cervix diagrams

Cervix is also called as the lower part in the uterus. It is used as the entrance of sperm to fertilize the egg in order to make a baby. When the baby is being kept inside the uterus, cervix is also functioned as the exit of the unborn baby when the baby is ready and is being delivered. Here are some diagrams of cervix in female human reproductive system.

cervix diagram cervix diagram picture cervix diagrams and function cervix diagram images

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