Free Body Diagrams for Moments and Forces

Study deeper about free body diagram or what is also known as force diagram through the means of the following diagrams as the examples. This kind of diagram shows a graphical illustration used to visualize the applied forces, movements, and resulting reactions on a body in a given condition. Let’s check out the first example of the diagram below.

Free Body Diagram Worksheet

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Free body diagrams are used to visualize the forces and moments applied to a body and calculate the resulting reactions, in many types of mechanics problems. Most free body diagrams are used both to depict a body or connected bodies with all of the applied forces and moments, as well as reactions, that act on that/those body(ies). For a simple look, the following force diagrams illustrate the force of a car.

Free Body Diagram Car

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Free Body Diagram Tension

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This diagram is simply a diagram which shows the simplification of the picture that shows just the forces. The diagram includes a force diagram in which the object of interest is simply represented by a dot, and the vectors are labeled by the type of force, the object exerting the force, and the object receiving that force. Below you can see more examples of a free-body diagram.

Free Body Diagram Inclined Plane

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Forces and Free Body Diagram

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Studying free-body diagrams are important to help us analyzing an object in isolation without distractions. We have a worksheet version of the diagram and you can draw a free-body diagram of an object following these 3 steps: sketch what is happening then determine the forces that act on the object. Finally, try to draw the object in isolation with the forces that act on it. We hope these diagrams and brief explanation help you in studying and understanding free body diagrams!