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What is called as a flow diagram is a collective term for a diagram representing a flow or set of dynamic relationships in a system. The term flow diagram is also used as a synonym for flowchart and sometimes as a counterpart of the flowchart. These diagrams are provided in high definition to allow you printing them in large size in case you need them for presentation purpose.

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Flow diagrams are used to structure and order a complex system or to reveal the underlying structure of the elements and their interaction. It is a diagram of the sequence of movements or actions of people or things involved in a complex system or activity. It also consists of a graphical representation of a computer program in relation to its sequence of functions (as distinct from the data it processes). There are many kinds of flow diagram that you can print in the following images.

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We provide you from  the basic flow diagram to the symbols one to allow you explore your understanding about the use of the diagram. You can also use these diagrams to make data flow diagram. Data Flow Diagram (DFD) provides a visual representation of the flow of information (i.e. data) within a system. By drawing a Data Flow Diagram, you can tell the information provided by and delivered to someone who takes part in system processes, the information needed in order to complete the processes and the information needed to be stored and accessed.

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Keep in mind that Data Flow Diagram was designed for representing the exchange of information. Connectors in a Data Flow Diagram are for representing data, not for representing process flow, step or anything else. When we label a data flow that ends at a data store “a request”, this literally means we are passing a request as data into a data store. Print these diagrams for a more detailed and explained process of making a flow diagram!

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